The boss Betsy Devos

This interview was very scary to me. Watching someone that is in control of our education system along with my job not be able to answer simple questions. Sad.

There is a new state stander for public schools to follow. That is if your child/student is not at a third-grade reading level you are not able to move on. You are no longer able to slide under the radar with reading levels. You must be able to read before moving on to fourth grade.

The state testing needs to change. The rich, poor, and in between are doing poorly. The M-Step is hard. I hope they change the state testing strategies.

She has not even visited a public school that is bad/not doing well. She has nothing to speak to because she has done nothing.

Choices are good but we need great. Put the time, energy, and money into our public schools and watch us soar.

He did a great job curation on the “60-minute¬†interview.” He supported everything with links to his sources. He broke it down so everyone can understand it and find more information.