How was the Voters Turnout in 2016?

I did my fusion table on voter turnout for the whole state of michigan. This is my first time making a fusion table. It was pretty easy and I love the map feature. I was surprised on the lack of turn out for the state in general. Many young adults don’t understand the importance of voting! We need to start educating our youth on voting.

  • The county with the most voters is Wayne County.
  • The county with the least amount of voters is Keweenaw County.

Internet and computer use by race

The fusion table I have created is showing internet and computer use percentages by race. This data was retrieved from the U.S. Census Bureau, where the data was collected on October 2012 and released on January 2014.

The data showed that Asians have the highest percentage of  internet and computer use from home, where African Americans has the lowest percentage of internet and computer access from home.