Twitter: a great place to locate sources

Twitter is a very popular social media site used for online news and social networking service where people interact with each other using “tweets”. People could use twitter for personal reasons like connecting with friends and also big brands, celebrities, and famous sports icons.

Many people use Twitter for many different things. For example, journalist they use Twitter as a way to locate sources and also report their information as well. Twitter has come up with many new tools.  A journalist could use twitter do to a whole site search for topics they choose or even breaking news. They can organize their tweets with #hashtags, photos, or videos.

Twitter is known to have a very big aducanice that why its a great place for journalists to find resources and also help put out their information. Its also very helpful for journalist to know what verified and what is not by having a blue checkmark next to sources and news outlets.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.33.06 AM.png

Overall twitter is a great social media platform for journalists to find sources expand their stoires and interact with other people.

AJ+ delivers important information in easiest ways

The news outlet AJ+ is known for their pages on Twitter and Instagram is worth the follow. AJ+ states they are, “news for the connected generation, sharing human struggles and challenging the status quo.”

Gathering 892,000 followers, AJ+ delivers jam-packed news into easily accessible posts that often formats the news into video presentations.

In a generation like this one, everything is so fast-paced and needy for convenience if news isn’t efficiently presented, many people won’t bother reading it. That’s why innovative news outlets like AJ+ succeed.

I personally enjoy following them because a trust that the news is accurate and it doesn’t hurt that it’s more of a visual interaction story rather than reading through a long article.

Many minorities are represented on AJ+ which is another reason I like following them. AJ+ doesn’t shy away from being the voice to minorities in this country or even the less fortunate outside the country.