A student’s race to perfection

The article “More College Students Seem to Be Majoring in Perfectionism” is a very strong article to read, especially as a college student. It gives people the opportunity to understand what is going on in a college student’s mind. It is a very relevant and relatable article with detailed information.

To a parent, college seems to be easy, but times have changed. This article shows the psychology behind the process of how college students view school. Students are more focused on getting a passing grade and turning in the highest quality of work, rather than gaining the knowledge that they are paying to receive.

The study was conducted by the American Psychological Association, and their conclusion is that social media plays a factor in how people view themselves and the effort presented within daily activities. Social media can cause people to view themselves in a negative way, causing pressure on these college students.

Jane Adams, author of the article and a psychologist, made last month’s study clear and able to understand by the public.