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These are some of the cool things I could find with in my Twitter Feed:

So very proud of my very own high school , and how they have progressed since the time of my attendance. I am glad to see that they are going with in the right direction as far as graduation rates ,and post secondary education enrollment. #JRLA2K15

With these week being finals week, sometimes it is hard to get everything that you need to under control. Sometimes you just have to cry it out, and hope for better days. I believe that I am overly stressed with all of these classes. This would be the most perfect idea to incorporate in all schools , especially during finals week.

Sometimes Marcelo just knows the right things to say, at the right time. This is something that I need personally as motivation as I go on about my day . I have to absolutely start thinking as my self as a success.


PRSSA at the University of Michigan Dearborn

As a student at the University of Michigan Dearborn being updated about all of the schools, information and events are very important to me. Being new to Twitter I wanted to follow accounts that were organizations that I could benefit from my everyday life.

An account that I found on Twitter was the  UM-Dearborn PRSSA organization account. PRSAA stands for Public Relations Student Society of America. This account is worth following for me because I’m a student at the university and this account updates you about all of the events happening at the school.

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 6.00.15 PM.png

As a busy college student, it’s always hard to keep up with all the clubs and events that are happening even though they are very beneficial in our future careers. So following organizations like this one really help’s you get updated about the events happening at the school.

An example of a good reason to follow this account is that it reminds you of the location and time of the event. Just like when there was an opportunity to get your professional headshot taken, the school has you covered by reminding you on Twitter. When being a student it’s hard to keep up, but with social media where most college students spend a lot of time on, there are ways to make it beneficial.

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Google perks for college shopping

Being in college does have its perks. What do I mean? Well after using a guide to search for different data sets with Google’s advanced search method, I found out how to read and understand them. Using  this style of research for data makes things a lot easier when planning for your future.

A great example, the different tabs at the bottom shows the demographics, admission, and cost/comments for school in a given school year. In this case it was for the 2011-2012 year in the state of Michigan. After deleting schools that are not public and four-year I was left with 16 colleges, that was a bit shocking to me. I really was not aware that in this state of ours we had only 16 public colleges. I am not sure if that is a small number; I definitely will have to compare that to other states with a comparable populace.


The school that is the most expensive is Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. I noticed there are extra charges, and this school as per the comment section will have cost relating to in state tuition/ out of state as well as general education requirement which is also not a standard cost. Some of the colleges do not have in-state/in-district transportation cost while others do. And Eastern Michigan is the only college without this expense in-state/in-district misc expenses.

The complete shocker to me was that the University of Michigan Dearborn is the least expensive four-year college. Now I feel better about my decision to continue my education at this college. My continuous debt if it was concrete would surely thank me.

Hispanic education levels in 2014

As a young Latino, I always aspire to do great things. One of those things is by trying to obtain a college education.

I came across an article from back in 2014, about the education process across other Lations/Hispanics. Some of the results I expected and was also impressed by.

Some of the results show that most Hispanics don’t have anything further than a high school diploma, but over the years those results have changed.

In 2o14, most Hispanics have gone the distance to obtain at  least a Bachelor’s Degree.

As the results also show, it’s the female Hispanics that have become the most successful of the genders.

Comparing 4-year colleges in Michigan using a data set

One of the main reasons why I came to the University of Michigan – Dearborn was because of how close the university is from my home. Based on the comparative report, the University of Michigan –Dearborn for in-state students are:

  • In-state tuition: $9,788.00
  • Books & supplies: $960.00
  • Room & board: $1,600.00
  • Transportation: $1,556.00
  • expenses: $1515.36
  • Total: $15,419.36

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8.48.43 AM

I do not know exactly when this report was created, but mlive, a local and statewide news group, they reported on 15 universities in Michigan about their tuition cost in 2017-2018. Here is the information that they reported on the University of Michigan – Dearborn.


  • Tuition and mandatory fees: $11,792;
  • Room and board: $8,272*;
  • Total for tuition and room/board: $20,064;
  • Estimated total cost of attendance: $25,330.

The asterisk indicates the cost of living off campus because UM – Dearborn is a commuter college.

As you can tell, the cost of attendance has gone up immensely. While reading the mlive article, they linked another article about the difference between paying for college then and now. This article shows some data reports on the average in-state tuition from 1975 until 2016. When reading this article, you can see the difference between the years for in-state tuition.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8