How ledes can capture your attention

Today, I clicked on the news tab on Google and was looking at the headlines. One headline caught my eye. It was U.S teenager jailed for smuggling tiger across Mexico border. The headline made me curious about what happened, so I clicked the article and read it.


The lede from the article is “A US teenager has been sentenced to six months in prison after he was found guilty of trying to smuggle a Bengal tiger cub across the US-Mexico border. The six-week-old cub was found in a box on the floor of the teenager’s car as he was crossing from Mexico into the US near the city of San Diego.”

The lede does capture the 5 W’s and H.

Who: A U.S teenager

What: Sentenced to six months in prison

Where: U.S and Mexico

When: After smuggling a Bengal tiger

Why: Smuggling a Bengal tiger

How: The teenager’s car


The images the article included were pictures of the tiger. The story happened in August 2017, but the sentencing happened today. There’s a link to the original article and other related links about the smuggling of exotic animals.

When googling the headline, there are other links from various media outlets that covered the same story. The image that shows up is the picture of the Bengal tiger that was taken in 2017.