How ledes can capture your attention

Today, I clicked on the news tab on Google and was looking at the headlines. One headline caught my eye. It was U.S teenager jailed for smuggling tiger across Mexico border. The headline made me curious about what happened, so I clicked the article and read it.


The lede from the article is “A US teenager has been sentenced to six months in prison after he was found guilty of trying to smuggle a Bengal tiger cub across the US-Mexico border. The six-week-old cub was found in a box on the floor of the teenager’s car as he was crossing from Mexico into the US near the city of San Diego.”

The lede does capture the 5 W’s and H.

Who: A U.S teenager

What: Sentenced to six months in prison

Where: U.S and Mexico

When: After smuggling a Bengal tiger

Why: Smuggling a Bengal tiger

How: The teenager’s car


The images the article included were pictures of the tiger. The story happened in August 2017, but the sentencing happened today. There’s a link to the original article and other related links about the smuggling of exotic animals.

When googling the headline, there are other links from various media outlets that covered the same story. The image that shows up is the picture of the Bengal tiger that was taken in 2017.

Effective lead in The New York Times’ Florida shooting news story

The recent and unfortunate event of the Florida school shooting has been covered from all angles by different news outlets. Which story do readers notice themselves selecting to read first?

Google search gives many results to the Florida school shooting, which one should be read first or at all?


News stories with descriptive and concise ledes are the ones that attract readers. For example, The New York Times wrote a story,  “‘Is This the Day I Die?’: Teachers React to the Florida School Shooting,” on the Florida school shooting and the fear that exists within teachers all over the country in the midst of violence.

The lede reads, “After the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., last week, The Times heard from many teenagers in the United States who have grown up in an era of school gun violence. We wondered how this climate also affects teachers, the people we trust to protect our children.”

This lede focuses on the “5 W’s and H” which consists of the following:

Who: Teachers

What: How violent climate affects teachers

When: After Florida school shooting

Where: Parkland, Florida

Why: Understand affect on teachers because they are who we trust with our vulnerable loved ones.

How: The Times will listen to different teacher accounts (Implied because they “heard from many teenagers in the United States who have grown up in an era of school gun violence”).

The key to writing a good lede is to include as much as one can in the line without making it too wordy or confusing. Once there’s a good lede, then there are readers pulled in, and it leads to a story being read by many!

The “Lede”, that is leading the way!

What Lede  catches your eye?

We all know how important ledes are , and how they play such an important role to catch the readers eye. There is one however, that had caught my eye. There is a story concerning money, and well all know when money is involved , it trumps everything else. This particular lede is called , ” 3M is paying $850 million to end a years-long lawsuit claiming it contaminated water in its home state of Minnesota.

pexels-photo-210748.jpegI would have to say that this lede gives us a very sufficient amount of information that would be needed. In such a small statement , it entails who it involves, what is going on , a time line of some sort , and where the situation took place. I believe that they give great details even later in the story , and that the lede gave the reader( me ) enough information to know what the story was going to be mostly about.

The story did not have any pictures on the actual blog, however, with the original story coming from CNN, it does give a strange sense of credibility. When I looked the lede up in several search engines, still no images appear.

All in all , I believe that this lede is a great one because it gives the reader a lot of valid information that they will know what to expect before indulging into he actual story.

Stranger hitting on women slashes her face after she rejects his advantages in Midtown- New York Daily News

“Stranger hitting on women slashes her face after she rejects his advantages in Midtown” This is an article headline I came across on the New York Daily News website. This headline drew me in because it basically stated exactly what the news is and what the article is going to be about.

The lede in this article was “A peeved pick-up artist slashed a 28-year-old woman in the face when she spurned his advances in Midtown early Saturday — as the victim’s boyfriend watched in horror, cops said.” This is a great lede because it states most of the 5 W’s.

The first sentence of an article and the headline kept me interested and made me want to read the rest of the article. This lede lets me know who is involved, what it is about, when and where it was and why it happened.

When you google the headline of this article it provides you with links to New York Daily News website. As you can see there are many things that come up on google when searching about this headline.



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