Avoid being biased in your writing

Ethics is very important when it comes to journalists.  The SPJ website has a video on how journalists minimize bias. The video talks about how not all journalists are the same, and how journalists are diverse people.

The common topic that was used was ethics and how journalists are neutral and everyone has their own opinion. The video really helps journalist learn more about the importance of fact checking and how to be creative in your writing without being biased.

When it comes to my reporting I feel like I should put other peoples feelings and opinions in perspective. I know that I have to have an open mind when writing and not believe that I am always right.

It’s very important to avoid being biased in your writing because everything you write is in the public eye. It’s always important to focus on the real facts and also feelings. It’s always important to use some sort of feeling into your writing but it should let it affect the facts that you are trying to put out.

VIDEO: How journalists confront their own biases

This is a video from the Society of Professional Journalists. It features journalists talking about bias, and how they confront both their own biases and those biases others see in them. It’s worth viewing. I can’t actually embed the video, but if you click on the image it’ll take you to it.

Journalists speak about bias in this SPJ video.