Ten tools for the brain

Wish to improve your online journalism?

What if I tell you I have the answer on how to get your information to the world instead of the paper. There is an article I can share with you on how to give national an international news with 10 tools at your fingertips. I am going to list the ten tool one can use on the internet

  • Document Cloud- allows you to publishes and manages documents; shares information across newsrooms.
  • Tor-allows journalists to communicate securely online by bouncing communications around a network until they can’t be traced back.
  • Timeline js- is great for developing graphics skills.
  • Scraper wiki-You can write computer code to acquire skills
  • Tile Mill/Map Box- help you make maps
  • Frontline SMS-it is an international texting application.
  • Zeega-mixed media tool.
  • Amara- a volunteer translation system.
  • Ushahidi- This application was made in Kenya to help deliver live news by using cell phones to “map” just about anything. My brother and I use this application to know who are the new leaders are in our country like president here in America.
  • Poderopedia- helps organized collection of people. Visualizes relationships within these power and influence networks.

Let give the Amara a try

ASL finals One fine day story

. I  did the subtitle in Swahili which is not listed in this tool, but you can translate subtitles in any language listed in the selection. I did not finish because this was a test trial I do apologize for this.

I got my information from the article that is in our reading in the class homework assignments

Author: Jannah shannon

Hello, I am Jannah I am a collage student who like K-pop and J-Pop Nice too meet you. My goals is to become a teacher one day in Japan but my major is Instructional Technology.

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