Ten tools for the brain

Wish to improve your online journalism?

What if I tell you I have the answer on how to get your information to the world instead of the paper. There is an article I can share with you on how to give national an international news with 10 tools at your fingertips. I am going to list the ten tool one can use on the internet

  • Document Cloud- allows you to publishes and manages documents; shares information across newsrooms.
  • Tor-allows journalists to communicate securely online by bouncing communications around a network until they can’t be traced back.
  • Timeline js- is great for developing graphics skills.
  • Scraper wiki-You can write computer code to acquire skills
  • Tile Mill/Map Box- help you make maps
  • Frontline SMS-it is an international texting application.
  • Zeega-mixed media tool.
  • Amara- a volunteer translation system.
  • Ushahidi- This application was made in Kenya to help deliver live news by using cell phones to “map” just about anything. My brother and I use this application to know who are the new leaders are in our country like president here in America.
  • Poderopedia- helps organized collection of people. Visualizes relationships within these power and influence networks.

Let give the Amara a try

ASL finals One fine day story

. I  did the subtitle in Swahili which is not listed in this tool, but you can translate subtitles in any language listed in the selection. I did not finish because this was a test trial I do apologize for this.

I got my information from the article that is in our reading in the class homework assignments

Amino – what is it?

Amino is a blogging application.

Yes, it is true amino is a blogging application use on your phone done by everyone around the world. This can help when you need information fast about subject or topic you like.

How does Amino work?

You download the application from your Google play store or any smartphone store. You can search for the topic you like to blog about.

Here are some photos of how to create a profile.


In my case, the topic is BTS, a Kpop group.

Who is B.T.S?

Bts is an acronym for bangtansonyeondan means, bulletproof boy Scouts.

It can be a mouth full when pronouncing Bts so the acronym comes in handy.

Bts is a k pop band that has been singing with Big hit entertainment June 13, 2013.

Here are the members of the band:

  • RM (formerly Rap Monster) – leader, main rapper
  • Jin (진) – vocalist, visual
  • Suga (슈가) – lead rapper
  • J-Hope (제이홉) – main dancer, lead rapper, sub-vocalist
  • Jimin (지민) – main dancer, lead vocalist
  • V (뷔) – vocalist, 2nd visual
  • Jungkook (정국) – main vocalist, lead dancer, and sub-rapper

Here is a video of want of there newest song form an album call love yourself.


Now, this is how you set up your profile. Fill out whatever it is you need to say to describe yourself in any language as you see fit. (as you can see in English and Korean in my example)

Want to know what else can be done?

This is all you can do on this site.


I am going to show you how to do polls on this site to gather information that is needed for your use only. You click on the poll in type in the information that is needed and when you want the poll to end and you will have your data. All my date is on BTS k pop group but yours can be on whatever you want here is an example listed below:

All these of these photos had permission from me on my profile on the ARMY’S amino also from the amino creator who invites you to join if you are an army( which are fans of BTS).


Zeega is a tool I would like to try

The ten tools to learn article was very interesting to me, they talked about literally ten tools that I have not learned about. While I was exploring through the tools one of them stood out to me and I found it very interesting. Zeega  its a website where you can make videos such as documentaries on whatever you would like.

With these videos that you make you could make cool sounds, videos, and pictures. You could also add text to go along with them. It’s an easy way to interact with other people’s stories as well as sharing your own.

When you first go on the website you could automatically look at the different videos that people share and the different videos they talk about. Zeega makes putting together and sharing it with people from all over the world very easy, and is great for teachers to use this site for their own classroom, I might just make one myself. Its definitely a site worth using.

Ten tools fixing up our blogs

Ten tools to learn, more to explore,” gave me insight on what innovations the Journalism Industry has been using and producing. It’s funny to see that all these programs like Map Box and Amara are ones we come across very often in multiple new stories and videos, yet never acknowledge that there’s actually a technique to it all behind the scenes.

Searchlights and Sunglasses’ article on the tools to learn.

I decided to take up a challenge and actually try one of these tools myself, however it wasn’t much of a challenge because it’s really easy to use. The tool Timeline.js is essential to any news story in my opinion. It organizes information in a chronological order and keeps everything visually appealing and easy to follow. Especially with news, you wouldn’t want to confuse your audience, so interactive stories and techniques that increase their understanding are favorable.

This is the homepage of the Timeline.js website.

Check out the timeline I made for a couple new updates this month, new stories used from Fox 2 Detroit News!