The Age Of Walls

I have watched the interactive project from The Washington Post, and I have found it to be very interesting and really liked it. Something I loved about this was how the episodes are laid out and it’s like watching a story on the internet with examples of videos and pictures as you go. There are three different episodes, which makes you want to keep watching.

I really liked the first episode the most where they talk about the world’s border barriers and how they made history, and how these border barriers increased globalization. In the first episode it talks about how putting up barriers has increased because there are 63 border walls that have walls and fences separating countries that are right next to each other and the increase started after World War II. The episodes shows a map of all the countries that have walls on their borders and also shows a statistics graph of the numbers changing through out the years.

There are two videos where Bores Johnson talks about how “as a country we should take control” and also Donald Trump’s saying in a press release chanting “Build that wall!” He wanted to build a wall to divide Americans, and build a border fence between the U.S. and Mexico and it worried of migrants in that region. A lot of people did not want this to happened and got angry when Donald Trump continued to pursue it. They had a survey and studies show that younger generations are less likely to favor the wall and non- Hispanic whites are twice as likely to favor it as black or Hispanics. They believe that the fences being put up has made thousands of Mexicans and Americans to take risky routes, A man from Mexico in the video talked about what his opinion was about the fences being put up was “No they are not going to stop us.”

The Post series showed about how the people around the world are being affected by the border barriers. The videos are truly heartbreaking. One 18 year old boy named Issad Zakaria, was searching for  job opportunities in Germany and he attempted to cross the border near Idomeni and was infested with criminal gangs and patrolled by police. There are many disputes going on around the whole world with these different countries and I have learned from reading about this that it does affect a person when watching all of these people’s videos and interviews on how they are living their life in fear is really heartbreaking. This was one of the greatest stories I have read on the internet and it really kept me interested throughout out the while story, definitely a story worth watching.

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