Zeega is a tool I would like to try

The ten tools to learn article was very interesting to me, they talked about literally ten tools that I have not learned about. While I was exploring through the tools one of them stood out to me and I found it very interesting. Zeega  its a website where you can make videos such as documentaries on whatever you would like.

With these videos that you make you could make cool sounds, videos, and pictures. You could also add text to go along with them. It’s an easy way to interact with other people’s stories as well as sharing your own.

When you first go on the website you could automatically look at the different videos that people share and the different videos they talk about. Zeega makes putting together and sharing it with people from all over the world very easy, and is great for teachers to use this site for their own classroom, I might just make one myself. Its definitely a site worth using.

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