Google Fusion Tables and the Michigan voter turnout

Gathering data off of the internet and arranging it into easily digestible information is an important tool for journalism online. This week we took a look at the Secretary of State’s voter turnout rate for the 2016 election, and turned it into an interactive map using Google Fusion Tables.

The first step was to take the data set from the SOS website and format it leaving only the information we needed.

Then uploading it to Google Fusion Tables we get a map of our data that looks like this.

Screenshot (23)


The map is interactive and will allow the user to click on each individual county to find out the voter turnout for that area.

Author: Josh

Josh is a student in the journalism and screen studies major at UM Dearborn. He spends time watching movies, filmmaking, working and writing. He aspires to one day write screenplays or direct movies.

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