Journalism course breeding a skilled pre-med

Though I am not going into journalism, when I took this course I didn’t know that I would come out of it with so much knowledge in how to use different tools. These tools are not reserved for journalists only- I will not let them be.

I am going to take advantage of writing data stories. When I choose to do a write up on new data that comes out about the blood sugar of Americans and its corresponding medication Actos, I will make sure to stick to the facts just like I learned and let the results do the talking. I can even aggregate other sources within my data story to keep my fellow pre-meds up to date across the board on other relevant medical information.

My first data story about Michigan school comparisons.

Another tool I’m thankful for is Timeline JS. I remember how hard I thought constructing my first timeline was, but now I can easily see myself in the future using it as a presentation template. Timeline JS has gotten to be easy for me and I can stir up a quick timeline in minutes.

Coding is something I’ve always wanted to learn, and this course also fulfilled that wish. Now thanks to Code Academy I can do any basic coding and this can also help in presentations and who knows what other doors it might open up in the medical field. Technology and medicine always go great together.

Overall, there is important and useful information to learn everywhere we look. Now it is just up to us as to what we do with that information!

Area code locator is a verification tools

They are always coming up with new verification tools due to technology advancing every day.  You are probably using verification tools daily and don’t even realize. Facebook can be a verification tool if you are using it to learn information on someone. There are tools to see if you are reading fake news?

The verification tool I researched is area code locator.

It helps you pinpoint states and cities that use a certain area code. Area codes are important. If you don’t have the correct area code you will not be connected to the correct person. It shows how many people are using that area code, usage, and the carriers.

Google Fusion Tables and the Michigan voter turnout

Gathering data off of the internet and arranging it into easily digestible information is an important tool for journalism online. This week we took a look at the Secretary of State’s voter turnout rate for the 2016 election, and turned it into an interactive map using Google Fusion Tables.

The first step was to take the data set from the SOS website and format it leaving only the information we needed.

Then uploading it to Google Fusion Tables we get a map of our data that looks like this.

Screenshot (23)


The map is interactive and will allow the user to click on each individual county to find out the voter turnout for that area.

My introduction to Google Fusion Tables

This week, I took on a new challenge and the outcome was a Google Fusion Table. Google Fusion Tables is a useful tool that gathers data into an organized visual. In my opinion, this is the way I prefer to see data. Data can usually be confusing and hard to read or understand, but when it’s in some kind of chart or picture it instantly becomes easier on the eyes.

I chose to mimic a Fusion Table we practiced in class based on the 2016 Michigan voter turnout organized by county off the Michigan Secretary of State website.

With the data available on the website, I was able to download it onto my computer and then upload it up on Google Fusion Tables.

This is the data downloaded off the Secretary of State website.

After letting Google Fusion Tables do it’s magic, I got a literal map of my data. Voter turnout was shown geographically by each county in Michigan.

Google Fusion Table map of voter turnout by county in Michigan.

Google Fusion Tables is a tool I am happy to have explored. It will help my readers and I in understanding data and furthermore, allow us to not be intimidated by any complicated spreadsheets that hide beneficial information!

Facebook or Twitter


Using Social Media

for the News

More and more people are moving to social media for the latest news. Advertisers are looking to social media. What one is used most or most efficient for their needs? After my research was finished I was surprised by the results.

Top Three

  1. Facebook                                        3. Twitter
  2. YouTube

Bottom Three

  1. Tumblr
  2. WhatsApp                                    3.Reddit