Gun ownership and gun homicide interactive map

During my Public Health course, my professor wanted to talk about the recent school shooting in Florida. She wanted us to me informed about the importance of knowing the dangers of guns and talk about ideas to stop what’s happening. She shared a lot of data charts and articles and I managed to find a few of them.

Gun Violence Archive

Mass shooting: How U.S gun culture compares with the rest of the world

Gun Policy

10 Pro – Gun Myths, Shot Down

Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People with Mental Illnesses

Gun Violence by The Numbers


When finding these sites, I found an interactive map that shows the gun ownership and gun homicides of the world. You can click on any country and it will give you the rank of the country of ownership of guns and the number of homicides in the past year. You can also look at homicide by firearm per every 100,000 population and percent of homicide by firearm.

Out of the whole world, the U.S is ranked 1st in civilian gun ownership that averages 70 – 100 firearms per 100 people.

They also have a link to a Google fusion table that shows all the countries and the statistics of each of them.

Author: Ashley Apostol

Ashley Apostol is a sophomore at the University of Michigan - Dearborn majoring in Instructional Technology. She has always had an interest in using and learning about technology and knew that it was something she wanted to do in her life.

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