Aggregation for the computer nerd

As many people know by now, I enjoy the tech and video game world. Keeping up with all the new games is a tough task considering you not only have to keep up with the consoles but also the developers and publishers. The tech world is even harder because new advancements are made every day. One way I keep up is through the website Reddit.


Reddit is a site where any topic you can think of has a dedicated page. If you’ve heard of it, so has Reddit. All you have to do to start getting posts about your favorite topics is subscribe to their subreddit. Local news? r/Michigan. Politics? r/politics. Videogames? r/gaming. That is the naming convention Reddit uses, r/ what ever you want. And the subreddit I visit most often, r/pcmasterrace.


r/pcmasterrace, or pcmr for short, is the subreddit for all things computer. Originally started as a subreddit to provide information on how to build gaming computers and why they are inherently superior to gaming consoles, pcmr has grown into something quite a bit bigger. A place to show off new computers, new industry advancements, talk about the latest games, and still find advice on how to ‘ascend to the glorious master race’.


pcmr is not purely news, but it is set up like a news paper. Sunday comics, breaking news, ads for businesses and products, and even fluff pieces, you just have to look at the tags. Even better than a news paper though is the ability to discuss the posts with like minded individuals which is done in the comments section of each and every post.

Author: travisalber

Instructional technology major at the University of Michigan - Dearborn. Avid gamer and computer entusiast. Fan of Detroit Tigers baseball and anime.

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