Ron French calls out Betsy DeVos

Ron French’s curated story about Betsy DeVos    “60-minute interview” about how DeVos had issues with how fair public schools in Michigan are when it comes to funding and having safer schools. DeVos is known as the secretary of education, but in the video, she didn’t seem to know how Michigan schools are academically performing.

Ron French supported every detail he gave in the interview by linking to other articles in order to understand every point he made. When pointing out how schools in Michigan are doing he sourced his facts from an article called “Michigan’s K-12 performance dropping at alarming rate.” His aggregated source backed up every point he made.

French also aggregated a source when he was speaking about Brian Jacobs, and about the study that he made about Michigan not having high test scores. French stated all of his information about the subject and talked about the facts that Brian had in his study. French then linked Jacobs’ information page for people who have questions about him could know exactly what French is talking about.


Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 11.50.06 PM.png


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