Being a student of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was a very smart and intelligent man. He was the first that set out a theory of cosmology. One of Stephen’s students wrote an article about what it was like being a student of Stephen Hawking.

The student claims that Stephen had a big influence on him before he even met him. According to a website that states people who were influenced by Stephen Hawking, A young second-grade boy named Charlie stated that Stephen influenced him to write his own website.

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A student who was Stephen’s student names Marika Taylor explained that Stephen was so famous at his school that people would sit outside of his apartment building just to watch him go in and out of his house. He explained how he got the chance to meet with Stephen and as a graduate student, he was sent by Stephen to summarize some of his theory practices. He was very nervous about being one of his students but knew it was a great opportunity. He was amazed at the experiences Stephen was telling his students.

According to another one of Stephen’s students named  Dennis Overby published articles and spoke about his experiences with the professor. As many students believe he was an amazing guy. The article stated “I first met Stephen Hawking when we were students. His parties were legendary and he always insisted he wasn’t another Einstein”. Students of Stephens Hawking are really inspired by how smart and intelligent he was. After all, he is the most famous scientist in the world.

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