Where you can find me on social media

Looking at the types of social media that I use daily, I basically live online. Some social media that I use is Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

My Twitter lets me know what’s happening at the exact moment based on the people and organizations that I’m following. I usually use it for school or business and I am mostly following news organizations and classmates.

Another professional site that I use is Linkedin. Linkedin helps me connect with others in the same community and network with people.


My Instagram is where I communicate with my friends and family. I post pictures that gives them a glimpse of my life. Instagram is the social media site that I think I use more often than the others.


For my Facebook, I go on there occasionally to see what family from out of state or out of the country are up to.

Please feel free to follow or add me on any of the social media sites I linked!

Where’s Travis? an internet address

As much as I love the internet and everything it offers I actually don’t use it that much to hang out on social media. Personally I find it to be a waste of my time because if I’m going to hang out with someone online its going to be in a video game, or at least in a VOIP where many people are playing different video games but still talking to each other.

Now I do have social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, but don’t expect to find me on there more than five times a year. If you want to find out what my interests are you can read a paper I put together on tweeted times about most things I like. Now if you are trying to find me in a more professional environment you can find my profile on LinkedIn for my past and present job experience.

Now where can you find me if you want to get a hold of me to talk and hang out? You can find me over at Discord.


Discord is a VOIP by gamers for gamers, DM me at KyotoGrayWolf#8545.