Cambridge Analytica misuses Facebook information


An emerging story that’s happening right now is the Cambridge Analytica’s misappropriation of Facebook user’s information. The Rolling Stone gives a recap on what we know so far in this story. So far, during the time of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, his election team hired Cambridge Analytica and gathered 50 million Facebook profiles.

The reason that has been said for the gathering of these profiles was to use the information to identify U.S voters to target them with personalized political advertisements.

Back in early 2017, Cambridge head of products, Matt Oczkowski, said in a postelection Google panel that the Trump campaign didn’t use psychographics.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Back in 2015, presidential candidate Ted Cruz did the exact same method. Cruz’s campaign paid researchers at Cambridge University to gather Facebook profiles.

Trump for Tax Cuts – Donnie Takes to Twitter

3.5M Americans , getting paid after companies giving bonuses and benefits!

President Trump , takes twitter announcing his huge accomplishment of getting companies to take larger tax cuts; allowing 3.5 million Americans to get benefits and other monies from their employers. This has not only been a major deal for people that work for these companies , but also has boost the job market by adding an additional 200,000 jobs for people. Trump hash tagging his infamous ” MAGA” slogan , or ” Make American Great Again” , is Donnie really up for the challenge? 

trump tweet .png

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Definitely taking American to the next level, as far employment goes, by dropping the unemployment rate to a staggering 4.1% before his term of office at 9.3% during the Obama administration. In hopes that this number can continue to decrease, stay tuned to see what else “Donnie” does for the United States of America.