Quartz data, data we can believe

Quartz is a popular outlet for the data that it shares. While looking on different social media outlets for this news station I came across an interesting Twitter feed where they published data on unemployment (see screenshots) .

In this feed Quartz mentions how Trump boasted about having the African American unemployment rate down in just one year. On the surface this seems like wonderful news, especially for the economy.

Quartz uses its twitter to pull data from reliable sources to back the publication that is being tweeted, which is more than what some folks do! For example, for this article Quartz pulled the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In its twitter feed Quartz have also included the incarceration number among African American women and men, and if those numbers where counted this 6.7% statistic would be higher. I also liked how Quartz has included the differences in numbers between non black employment and incarceration. There is a wealth of difference.

Unemployment difference between white and black Trumps tweet on Black unemployment

After viewing there twitter feed and the data they show. It’s safe to assume they have the backing for their claims. It is great to see a news outlet that links data without being biased. One could tell they are considering “The Elements of Journalism.” And that dear reader is a bullseye in the realm of news and data. Until next time.

~ Z

Trump for Tax Cuts – Donnie Takes to Twitter

3.5M Americans , getting paid after companies giving bonuses and benefits!

President Trump , takes twitter announcing his huge accomplishment of getting companies to take larger tax cuts; allowing 3.5 million Americans to get benefits and other monies from their employers. This has not only been a major deal for people that work for these companies , but also has boost the job market by adding an additional 200,000 jobs for people. Trump hash tagging his infamous ” MAGA” slogan , or ” Make American Great Again” , is Donnie really up for the challenge? 

trump tweet .png

View the rest of President Trumps TWEETS to see whats next!

Definitely taking American to the next level, as far employment goes, by dropping the unemployment rate to a staggering 4.1% before his term of office at 9.3% during the Obama administration. In hopes that this number can continue to decrease, stay tuned to see what else “Donnie” does for the United States of America.