Multimedia shedding a new light!

Multimedia gives a new take on storytelling for blogs!

Multimedia is such a great and powerful way to showcase various things happening around the world. The good thing about multimedia, is that is very lucrative and has a  plethora of platforms that can be used. One of those plat forms are videos; some of which can be used to showcase the new things that are going on the world today.

One of the things that is constantly changing is the tech world . All of the new technological advancements that are happening at such a rapid pace , should be greatly showcased; so the article called ” The Robot Revolution: The New Age of Manufacturing – Moving Upstream” did. 


This video initially grabs my attention by first , talking about topics that are new and constantly changing. The visuals that they have behind it showcasing what is actually going on in the robotic realm are amazing. I believe that actually narrators of the video give a good insight as to how this situation is prevalent to day, how it benefits people, and how it benefits the use of mankind. The video gives us relevance, location, and who is all involved.

Giving the “Green-light” to Geo- Engineering

“Here’s the reason we’d never halt a geoengineering project midway through”

By- James Temple

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Many would say that this only the tip of the iceberg but really it is much more than what we see. We are talking about the global warming crisis that has been going on for years, but it might be advantageous that we actually do not stop tampering with mother nature. For years, now scientist, and geo-engineers all over have tried to discover what is the actual solution towards global warming.Some have even suggested in this article that there should be “spraying tiny particles into the air to reflect more sunlight back into space, that wouldn’t reduce emissions..”, according to James Temple of the MIT REVIEW. 

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There is no doubt that geo-engineering has done a lot of wrong for the planet, however, we have been doing it for so long that if we were to stop now , things such as greenhouse affect would have an ever bigger impact on the earths ecosystem. In the long run affecting various habitats for animals and plant life. With this being a global crisis, the issues in order to resolve these issues are going from various governments. With the ecosystems in certain areas being affected, it is also starting to interfere with various countries economic systems. It has been strong suggested that climate engineering should be something that should be managed so that we can control the affects on our ecosystem. 

I believe that this blog does provide a very good sense of strong journalism because I believe that is structured an organized in such a way that it easy for the reader to extract details and main points of the article. Along with that, the sources that this information were extracted from are credible enough because they actually work with in this field. I believe that the editor gave allow of detail and showed a great rebuttal giving multiple perspectives on the topic.