Myles Aggregation of Social Media

My name is Myles Barnes, and I am currently on just about all of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and Instagram. I usually only post things about my daily life , or things that I am currently doing at the moment. These are some of the profiles of my social media:

Twitter @(Mylesbarnes618)

For my Twitter you will mostly find some of my wild thoughts, pictures of things that i had found comical on social media, or just others people tweets that I had found interesting.

instagram 3.png

Facebook @(Myles Barnes)

Facebook is a platform where i usually give my all of my inner thoughts too; I stay in contact with many people in which I had a past with such as old teachers, students, and old friends. I have found Facebook to be a place where I am comfortable to vent and express some of my most deepest feelings and comments about things I may be thinking of at the time.


Instagram: @( Duecey1914)

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SnapChat: ( Dr.Biggs)



Instagram and Snapchat is where you will usually find the comical side of me. I usually post things that I am doing currently on snapchat with friends, frat, or family, while Instagram I use it best to post that memories that I would like to last. Although very similar, I have found that I am very particular as to what I post on each social media site.

Oh It’s Showtime!!-What’s still ‘Popping ‘

Every Christmas families come together to enjoy each others company; whether that involves  caroling, telling family jokes , or even eating Christmas dinner , one family tradition that always remain is watching holiday movies. Yes, I am talking about all of those Christmas movies that each member of your family can enjoy.

There are so many genres of Christmas movies that fit everyone; some are Christmas love stories , Christmas Thrillers, Christmas Comics , and those are just to name a few. Out of all those Christmas movies that have come out in the past, what would you rate your favorite?

Some of the most common Christmas movies that are showed around this time of year are ” The Polar Express”, “Home Alone 2”, “The Nightmare before X-mas”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Home Alone” , etc. 

According to, “Home Alone” is the most watched and illegally downloaded through outcasted websites. Nearly 8,900 illegal downloads since its original debut in 1990. 

 Home Alone tops the bar-chart Christmas tree. Photograph: CEG TEK International

movies chart .jpg
Home Alone tops bar-chart Christmas Tree. Photograph: CEG TEK International