NCAA corruption sources

For my second data story, I did a follow up on the NCAA corruption story that has headlined the news since the end of 2017. There were many sources I used for this story but I used three major ones to help with my story.

The first source I used was Yahoo Sports. This source is the initial FBI report that has been documented about the names of players that have been involved with this scandal.

The next important source I used was Sports Illustrated. This source was helpful for many reasons. I used this source to get the names of all the schools that were involved with the scandal and other various reports about how the scandal had effected coach Rick Pitino by costing him his job at Louisville.

My final source was from ESPN. The ESPN source was very important because of how many stories were written that are tied in with the scandal. Some of these stories include how Arizona head coach Sean Miller was caught on the phone discussing payments with an agent, the stripper scandal in Louisville, and how the Michigan State basketball team has been involved with hiding sexual abuse news.

Michael Cohen raids and the Sean Hannity controversy

As many are aware, the FBI raided former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s house, hotel room and office in search of documents linking Cohen to possible bank fraud. Trump lashed out after the raids calling them a “witch hunt.”

Following the raids more news has come out involving Cohen and Fox news commentator Sean Hannity. Hannity, who formerly claimed he was not a client of Cohen’s, was revealed in a hearing to have been in business with the lawyer.

Sean Hannity had been a heavy supporter of the president, and following the FBI raids agreed with Trump’s claim that the raids were unfair, a “with hunt.”

Now his ties to the lawyer are calling into question his integrity as a new’s commentator for not disclosing his conflict of interest to his audience.