Benefits of FOIA

In the year 1967, a law introduced into our country called the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), ensures the citizens are aware of what’s going on inside our country. What is FOIA This website is a great source for finding in depth information on how the FOIA benefits the people of the United States of America.

Citizens and journalist have a digital journalist legal guide that serves as a free educational source on rights given to obtain public information. This is not limited to but does include government operations such as court proceeding to keep us in the know of how our judicial system is proceeding.

An article written by Garance Burke, “Soldier who killed 5 Dallas officers showed PTSD symptoms,” the public may not have known the significance of the veteran’s health past.

This information is very vital as it permitted the public to show how the Veterans Health Administration interact with veterans of war. Johnson, the shooter who killed five police officers. Prior to this crime, he told doctors he was showing signs of PTSD. Johnson notes nightmares from seeing comrades blown to pieces.

His psychiatrist evaluated him months before the attack and said he was getting better. Johnson tried for help another time but was put on a waiting list. The VA North Texas Health Care System is the second largest in the country. The wait time is an average of 50 days to obtain help.

Without the help of the FOIA we would not have the ability to know of the inside working of this establishment and how they are not providing help to veterans that are in fact seeking help for the mental instability post war.