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Ethics for journalists tips on keeping bias out.

Reporting and biases how do you separate the two when it comes to reporting the information.

Important facts on keeping bias thought out of reporting. Accept that humanity has some bias rather it is conscious or nonconscious.

After accepting this please know reporters can not place any of his/her feeling or opinions into the articles in which is being reported.

Good ways and tips on trying not to place any opinions into the reported articles can be found in the society of professional journalism

This site speaks about how age does not matter in the reporting fields

Thanks to technology anyone can report anything, but the importance of reporting is to keep bias out in the articles you report.

To do this the reporter must place What they know about the subject and what they can support with data and facts. Into the article only.

Make sure that the story that is being reported meet the need of the editor who gets the final say. Make sure you have more the one source of information about the story in which is being reported.

Also if a reporter using a statement for a story feel free to research the story to make sure that person is telling the truth.

For example, if someone is saying they never did a crime but is being bland for it. double check before reporting the information.

Thes help tips can for this video listed below.

How Journalists Minimize Bias

Data set and why interesting

Pew research center is a source that researchers random events.

This “Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the world. We conduct public opinion polling, demographic research, content analysis and other data-driven social science research.”

Here is an example of some data about women who never-married women in their early 40s have given birth

Here is the article listed  They’re Waiting Longer, but U.S. Women Today More Likely to Have Children Than a Decade Ago

This article shows data on the motherhood and family size listed below

After decades of decline, motherhood and family size are ticking up

This article was interesting on how they gathered the information on them and use it in an educational way for the future of the children. The article shared this information.

“The share of all women ages 40 to 44 without a bachelor’s degree who are mothers has held steady over the past two decades while increasing among those with more education. As of 2014, 82% of women at the end of their childbearing years with a bachelor’s degree were mothers, compared with 76% of their counterparts in 1994.”

Slowly an increase of receiving bachelor degrees vs none like earlier years has been a challenge.

women have now gained work for a better future for the children and they may end up following their parents and going to college after school.

social media LCA

Newest arena taking over since it open on September 12, 2017

The little Cesar arena is the newest arena locate in Detroit downtown in Michigan this arena is own by Olympia entertainment.

This arena is designed to entertain the guests with live music concerts, hickey basketballs sports, ice skating and more.

here is a little history of Olympics, entertainment in 1927 Olympia Sports Arena was built in downtown Detroit to accommodate Detroit’s NHL franchise.

“The Detroit Cougars, and serve as the premier venue for a variety of entertainment. Affectionately known as “The Old Barn,” Olympia Stadium opened its doors in October 1927 and hosted a wide variety of events including rodeos, ice shows, an Elvis Presley concert, Frank Sinatra concert, the Harlem Globetrotters, presidential addresses, and seven Stanley Cup winning Red Wings teams over its 72-year history. The Olympia Sports Arena closed its doors in 1979 and was demolished in 1986.”

To let people know about the latest event which is being played in the arena the LCA advertise it on Twitter.

Using Twitter is the best way to get the information out since almost everyone is on twitter or use it to get fast news in seconds.

Aggregation/curation of your story sources

Human Trafficking takes million of lives everyday Tips on Protect yourself


It is important to understand the meaning of human trafficking so my source of the definition used on the first line of my paper.

As I continue to talk about how many people can be easy picking for human trafficking. I at least give you air traffic information on who tract the data in the air. How many numbers did they track in 2016?

Federal Aviation Administration Tract so many flights and keep data on them and tries to improve the flights for the passengers and cargo make it easier on weather reports from ground control to the pilots

The number of flights handled in 2016 15,631,000 flights number of passengers in 2016 62,345728  this was controlled by the FAA.

The frequently confuse data was the misconception that people may have about human trafficking, so I share the information thanks to U.S. Department of Homeland security.

For a bonus, I thought it will be good to know how to protect oneself and others. If you think human trafficking is going on near you.

Or you and some else is in danger so hear is a hotline to call is 1 (888) 373-7888 text number is 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”) this is 24 hours, 7 days a week and can be translated into English, Spanish and 200 more languages.