Ashley Jenkins and The Know

As many of you know, I like to watch The Know for much of my game and tech news. One of my favorite reporters they have is Ashley Jenkins.


Ashley joined the Roosterteeth family in 2014 when she created The Know alongside Meg Turney. Since then Meg has moved on to other projects but Ashley remains at The Know with Gus, Mica, Jon and others. Ashley can be found on twitter @AshleyJ posting about her favorite videogames or projects she is working on at Roosterteeth. She can also be found on instagram @Jinxcellent posting pictures of herself and her boyfriend Burnie and most recently her new hobby, armor smithing.

Another great way to find Ashley is through The Know’s page on or through their own twitter @RT_TheKnow where news in the gaming world and tech world are posted every day.TK.PNG

$99 malware

Once again The Know brings attention to a new story in the tech industry. Recently a content developer for Microsoft Flight Simulator X launched a new model of plane available for purchase at a price of $99. What is interesting is that when the new plane model is installed another program that searches the computer for user passwords is also installed. The developer claims that the program was only sniffing for players that had pirated the game so the developer could press charges.


The Know does a good job in their video explaining both sides of the story, the redditor that found the program and the content developer’s response to the accusation. The Know also weaves in some comedy to make the story entertaining. Finally The Know clearly explains the facts of the story so personal opinions can be formed.