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Educational languages games started learning today!

Screenshot_20180418-123224 memrise

As we all know games are just simulated data for enjoyment and learning. yes, what you learn can be done mostly in the real world as we know today.

Some games are better then others, but most games if not all games you can take some part and apply it to your life. Let apply some educational language games.

memrise is an educational language learning game application its also can be used on pc and others ios devices You can choose from these courses of languages.

Screenshot_20180418-120455 mirise langahes i am learning

The application has a pro mode where someone who is leaning can meet locals and hear their pronunciation and follow them. one can also guess what they are saying by writing the word in.

Screenshot_20180418-120636 memrise profile

You can rise a pet egg and evolved it into an alien creature base on the knowledge you learn my in the photo below pet name is Ziggy.

Screenshot_20180418-120607 mimrise egg  Screenshot_20180418-120547 memrise manster

They will let someone write it in English or the native language letters to make sure you understand the spelling. If someone doesn’t know the words they can make keynote to help you remember.

This is what will be given for free:


  • Over 200 language combinations
  • Learn and review

All of this seems very expensive so here are some affordable prices plan they offer for someone to learn the language up to a year. This is what is giving to one who wishes to learn and pay:

Screenshot_20180418-130155 pro mode


  • Over 200 language combinations
  • Learn and review
  • Grammarbot
  • Pro chats
  • Difficult Words Mode
  • Speed Review
  • Listening Skills Mode
  • Video Mode
  • Learning Stats

$99 malware

Once again The Know brings attention to a new story in the tech industry. Recently a content developer for Microsoft Flight Simulator X launched a new model of plane available for purchase at a price of $99. What is interesting is that when the new plane model is installed another program that searches the computer for user passwords is also installed. The developer claims that the program was only sniffing for players that had pirated the game so the developer could press charges.


The Know does a good job in their video explaining both sides of the story, the redditor that found the program and the content developer’s response to the accusation. The Know also weaves in some comedy to make the story entertaining. Finally The Know clearly explains the facts of the story so personal opinions can be formed.