A summary of my professional online identity

I do not have an extensive online personality, especially when it comes to professionally. However I do have a Twitter account which functions as my central online character.

There is also a YouTube account which I have posted film class projects, but intend to post more of my filmic activities eventually.

Then there are my Tweeted Times,which aggregates movie news, and my Nuzzel, which aggregates news on the Mueller investigation.

Using Social Media Wall to aggregate posts

Someone that I am following on twitter and Instagram is Joan Kim. Joan is a beauty/vlog YouTuber that started making videos to document her life, but has become a way to express her creativity with others.

One of the many things I enjoy about YouTube is that anyone can create a video and upload it so that anyone in the world can watch it. Joan not only does videos on fashion and skincare, but also lifestyle. On her second YouTube channel, she vlogs her daily life. Through the lens of the camera, I can see what she’s experiencing. Her informative videos and her daily vlogs are what keeps me wanting to watch more.

I found a tool that aggregates social media post. Social Media Wall helps create a wall full of content, such as hashtags and profiles from various social media sites. If is free to use and there is no limit to how many walls you can create. The only down side is that the content refreshes every 24 hours for free users.

Using Social Media Wall has made it easier for me to see what Joan has posted on Twitter and Instagram.

Inside Z’s world of social media frenzy

I’ve had social media for a very long time. I started out with MySpace. Unfortunately I do not recall my username or password so a screenshot or link would not be useful at this time.

My main social media platform would be Instagram . I use Instagram primarily for photos and to alert the world via hashtags (and those that are following can see as well ) of newly posted blogs. If you were to look at my Instagram today, you would see a lot of makeup photos such as the one below.

Probably should charge my phone!

Another platform I use is Snapchat, when I want to do a quick review on products or just to show a little personality, I’ll do so on Snapchat.

Also Snapchat has the world stories which is new to Instagram. With this feature you’re able to reach a lot of people.

My Twitter is fairly new for me to use, originally I used so I could see the products being shipped in my Ipsy bag prior to receiving them. Now I’ve opened it up publicly. I’ll likely use it the same as I use my Instagram account.

Lastly and most important to me is my Blog. Which is one of the main reasons I took a journalism class. I like to have my own platform where I can voice my own opinions, promote my book and of course do product reviews. On my blog, I’ll have my personal poetry, reviews and affiliate discounts with links. After taking this class I’ll be redoing my whole blog to give it a more professional look rather than the I started in my garage vibe it has currently.

Youtube breaks out new rules

Youtube is cracking down on creaters… again. Youtube is enforcing new policy changes on their platform that will deterimine who can upload what, and if it can be monetized or not. The new rules include some basic things like “don’t break community guidelines” and some rules that feel like they dont need to be said like “no hateful or hurtful comments, no graphic content, no nudity”

what it do

But why does Youtube need to do this in the first place? Because some creaters feel that they have unlimited freedom to upload whatever they want. The most recent and well known instance of this is Logan Paul. Who recently uploaded his controversial “sucide forest” video which featured a dead body.

y tho

After having his video removed and apologizing Logan Paul proceeded to upload a new video that included two instances of animal cruelty. Youtube responded by taking the new video down and demonetizing his channels so he can no longer make money on the platform. This is an unprecedented step in the right direction by Youtube because instances before this have generally created a blanket statment on the Youtube platform without the responsible creators being directly addressed. Leafyishere? New community guidelines. Pewdiepie? Adpocalypse… twice. But now, Logan Paul? Direct action against the responsible creator and a more hands on approach by Youtube. We will have to see what the future holds for the platform, but it is looking brighter that it has in the past.

Youtube’s popular news outlet: The Young Turks

With over 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 4 billion channel views, The Young Turks continue to set the bar high for truthful journalism that is unafraid and innovative.

The Young Turks page claims to be, “a rare show that combines all of the news that people care about in one place. We are not afraid to talk about politics and entertainment and sports and pop culture. But that is not the revolution either.”

On this YouTube channel viewers become loyal supporters of The Young Turks and trust that the stories they report are accurate and will be delivered with a variety of perspectives.

A segment of The Young Turks where they speak on an issue in the country and share opinions about the case.

It is important that The Young Turks use YouTube as their platform. YouTube is open to anyone with internet and allows anyone to post content if it is appropriate. The Young Turks are able to speak their minds and stir up debates in the comment section, it’s all very exciting in my eyes.