Aggregating News around the World

Ushahidi  crowd sourced news map of the world gives perspective and immediacy to the news through live updating maps that show exactly where the news is in relation to you.

The website takes news from the citizens of the world, through tweets, data and posts made by members, who then verify its legitimacy, and update a live map of the world. The news appears on the map where its happening, locally or internationally.

Screenshot (12).png

Ushahidi was also widely used during the Obama 2012 election. Users could live update the goings on of election day. Whether it be polling to see who is winning in a location or updating the public on issues arising at polling places.

Future prospects of this sort of crowd sourcing information on the fly brings a different take to news that makes it more immediate, more intimate.

Author: Josh

Josh is a student in the journalism and screen studies major at UM Dearborn. He spends time watching movies, filmmaking, working and writing. He aspires to one day write screenplays or direct movies.

One thought on “Aggregating News around the World”

  1. I have never heard of Ushahidi but it seems to be a very useful tool. As you said, it was used during the election in 2012, so it was probably used in 2016 as well. It would help during natural disasters and moments of terror so that everyone in the country can know what is taking place.


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