Louis Vuitton’s new designer for mens wear

“Louis Vuitton Names Virgil Abloh as Its New Men’s Wear Designer” is an aggregated article I found on The New York Times website. I read about how the famous brand Louis Vuitton is changing the head designer on the brand’s menswear.

While trying to introduce the famous designer Virgil Abloh, by saying he is Louis Vuitton’s first African American artistic director, the designer aggregated sources to link under his name to a page that has many questions and answers about who he is. He was one of the few black designers at the top of a French heritage house.

The aggregated source really helps people know this new designer is and why he is the new face of this very famous brand. Another aggregated source the brand used was when comparing him to other designers of famous brands, like Oliver Rousteing which is the famous director of the brand Givenchy and Balmain. The article linked a page of questions and answers about him also.

The article goes on to support all the people throughout the article to links and sources for people reading the article know exactly what they are talking about. If the readers have any questions about the people they are talking about they know where to find all the information. Overall the article has done a very good job of aggregating their article.


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