Four-year university tuition rates in Michigan

A comparative report was released of in-state tuition rates of the 16 four-year universities in Michigan.

Tuition and fees remain in the $7,500 through $15,500 range rising from $15,400 to $26,800 for total costs.

In-district room and board at the University of Michigan – Dearborn is the lowest in the state at $1,600. However, the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor has the highest room and board, with an average of $9,468.

School that have transportation fees would include bus systems and others. Michigan state has the average amount spent towards transportation as $498 and the University of Michigan – Flint has the highest rate of $2,148.

Some benefits would help the cost of attending these schools. Scholarships and financial aid would assist tremendously at some universities. Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University and Northern Michigan University both lend their students computers to omit the cost outside of tuition fees.

Tuitions rates will continue to fluctuate throughout the various universities and each student’s payment will vary based on different qualifications.


The gateway to online reporting

Twitter is used by millions of people in the world, and many people receive their news from Twitter alerts. The social media platform is used for entertainment, news and business.

The Associated Press takes advantage of this opportunity by releasing multiple tweets a day. They not only attract people with their headlines, but they link their articles to bring people to their website. AP includes photos and videos, catching consumer attention immediately.

People are able to receive information about what is going on in the world by turning on push notifications for any news organization on Twitter and any other social media. It helps to get information instantly, especially if in an emergency.

However, receiving emergency alerts can sometimes be bad because there is a slight possibility that it may not be a real alert. For example, the situation in Hawaii where there was a false alarm for a missile and everyone from several different places received this alert.

Civil Rights Data Collection

To use civil rights data when discussing education and the issues that many face within education can go several ways. Education has a very interesting background with integration happening not that long ago. There is still work to be done when it comes to providing the best education for every student and looking at this data can show those areas.

Randomly selecting schools in different states where African American students are living in predominantly white areas could be a study in every state, down to each county. The same could be vice versa, where a Caucasian student living in a predominately African American area. The data sets would be able to compare the issues these students face, if there are any.

Another way to approach this data set is to see what the data says of all African American colleges and all Caucasian colleges. It would show if students do better in social settings where everyone is of the same race. There are also downfalls to this with people not being exposed to other races, which can effect them in their future careers.

The data can show the differences between public, charter and private schools, and what races are actually attending the schools. Some of these issues can be brought up with low-income families, middle class and the rich. This data has many options on where the story can take itself, and it would be interesting to do further research on it.

A student’s race to perfection

The article “More College Students Seem to Be Majoring in Perfectionism” is a very strong article to read, especially as a college student. It gives people the opportunity to understand what is going on in a college student’s mind. It is a very relevant and relatable article with detailed information.

To a parent, college seems to be easy, but times have changed. This article shows the psychology behind the process of how college students view school. Students are more focused on getting a passing grade and turning in the highest quality of work, rather than gaining the knowledge that they are paying to receive.

The study was conducted by the American Psychological Association, and their conclusion is that social media plays a factor in how people view themselves and the effort presented within daily activities. Social media can cause people to view themselves in a negative way, causing pressure on these college students.

Jane Adams, author of the article and a psychologist, made last month’s study clear and able to understand by the public.

Ten tools to improve the journalism experience

The tools listed in “Ten Tools to Learn, More to Explore” can either improve or complicate the journalism experience.

Some of these tools need further explanation on how to use them because of the extended skills needed to operate the programs.

One tool, DocumentCloud, gives the ability to dig deeper into articles which can be very helpful when writing a long story.

Features available in DocumentCloud include the option of giving further information about what is presented in the article. If the desire to learn about a specific date, organization, place or person is present, journalists are given extended details about their topics.

Highlighting and annotating are a part of this tool as well. Similar to a PowerPoint, journalists can use this tool to produce public and private notes to better describe articles. Summarization is an important tool to include so that people in a rush can read a smaller excerpt of a story.

Journalist can also publish work and share with others on DocumentCloud. This gives the opportunity to receive publicity for articles and blogs at a larger perspective. Links can be posted, leading people to publications all over the world.

“DocumentCloud contains court filings, hearing transcripts, testimony, legislation, reports, memos, meeting minutes and correspondence,” said a statement on the DocumentCloud website.

This feature gives journalists the opportunity to trace back a large amount of information to include in future articles, adding another tool to connect the world.