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Family of Blue and White take over Downtown Detroit: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated  Conclave 2K17

During this past summer, for the first time in 17 years we were able to host the Phi Beta Sigma Conclave in the city of Detroit. The roads were paved of blue and white , along with our illustrious sister sorority, the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

They served a great help to our brotherhood, by helping register for events, orchestrating several activities, and other things of that sort. This was definitely a blue and white take over for the books.  Take a look below:


clave1.jpg clave2.jpgclave3.jpg clave4.jpg


This Conclave allowed us to remember the brotherhood that we vowed our lives too. Being completely submerged in the culture or this great fraternity, allowed each brother around to continue to uphold our motto, ” Culture for service, service for humanity”.

Sources for Story 2

Data Story 2:

Topic: Why are unhealthy food Choices the only option for minorities?

For this project, some of the sources that I chose were:

Source: Palo Alto Medical Foundation

What: This site talks about various healthy food options and supporting data on human consumption.

Link: http://www.pamf.org/teen/health/nutrition/fastfood.html


Source: Foodtrust.org

What: This site gave information as to how the “ Grocery gaps” work with in various impoverished communities.

Link: http://thefoodtrust.org/uploads/media_items/grocerygap.original.pdf


Source: Center on budget and policy priorities

What: This link gave insight on the number of people who are actually insured along with their demographic.



abstract-barbecue-barbeque-bbq-161519.jpegThe reason why I chose to use these sources for my story is because they give insight on each segment that I wanted to cover during this story. I was able to cover the the problem, the people it affects, and how this problem can and/or how is affecting people not socially and economically.

Myles Aggregation of Social Media

My name is Myles Barnes, and I am currently on just about all of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and Instagram. I usually only post things about my daily life , or things that I am currently doing at the moment. These are some of the profiles of my social media:

Twitter @(Mylesbarnes618)

For my Twitter you will mostly find some of my wild thoughts, pictures of things that i had found comical on social media, or just others people tweets that I had found interesting.

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Facebook @(Myles Barnes)

Facebook is a platform where i usually give my all of my inner thoughts too; I stay in contact with many people in which I had a past with such as old teachers, students, and old friends. I have found Facebook to be a place where I am comfortable to vent and express some of my most deepest feelings and comments about things I may be thinking of at the time.


Instagram: @( Duecey1914)

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SnapChat: ( Dr.Biggs)



Instagram and Snapchat is where you will usually find the comical side of me. I usually post things that I am doing currently on snapchat with friends, frat, or family, while Instagram I use it best to post that memories that I would like to last. Although very similar, I have found that I am very particular as to what I post on each social media site.

Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO takes to social media

Sprint CEO, Marcelo Claure takes center stage on mainstream social media !

Social media is at it’s all time high, with celebrities all around taking to the screen. Sprint CEO, Marcelo Claure gives us the insight to what is going on within the Sprint Corporation.  Along with his prestigious duties as the CEO of such a large corporation, he sits on the board of SoftBank, and also serves as a father of five children.


Marcelo often uses twitter as a platform to display various changes that are going on with the Sprint Corporation, such as awards presented to the company, any new business that is dealing with the company that employees, or even customers to know. He even shows his passion for soccer , via twitter by allowing his followers to see the updates on his favorite team.

Marcelo Claure Twitter Feed

Credits: Marcelo Claure

(Marcelo’s Twitter can be found here:

Claure uses his social media platform on twitter to communicate with various groups of people. His twitter serves as an aide to all, enlightening communities all around the world. Originally being born in Bolivia, he never forgets to incorporate the hispanic community amongst his twitter feed.  Located Below:

Marcelo 3 .pngMarcelo 2.png


Marcelo 1 .png


A water crisis in Flint, Still



A crisis in Flint

Flint’s water supply has become an ongoing issue in the state of Michigan, especially as the water crisis has yet to be fixed since its start four years ago.


For many people, this news broke after nine city current and former state employees were charged. The citizens of Flint however, this news of toxic water was not new to them. It has been an issue they have been dealing with after the city decided to switch the water system from Detroit, MI water supply. Citizens of Flint complained in May of 2014 , that the water smelled, tastes bad and the color was off putting. That did not deter city officials who adamantly told residents the water was fine to drink.


Within the next year, the EPA and DEQ mentions according to the governor’s office that high levels of lead had been found in the water the citizens use daily. This still did not get the city officials including the EPA and DEQ to acknowledge that there is an ongoing problem.


After several independent research testing done by companies such as the Virginia Tech who also found lead levels elevated and made their research public the city did not want to admit the failing to the people of the city.


Additionally, the back and forth on safe levels of water versus none safe levels of water has caused a major distrust with the residents of Flint and their government. What does not help is knowing that for $100 per day 90% of flints water issues could have been prevented. These unprofessional actions has led many to believe this was done intentionally and race driven.


According to a CNN report from February 17, 2017 the “Michigan Civil Rights Commission issues a 129-page report saying, ‘deeply embedded institutional, systematic and historical racism’ indirectly contributed to the ill-fated decision to tap the Flint drinking water at a cost saving measure.”


The population of Flint, MI is 54.8% Black, 37.1% White, and 3.73% Hispanic. 3.11% of the people in Flint, MI speak a non-English language, and 99% are U.S. citizens. If this was indirectly motivated by racial cause, that would be 54,691 black Americans out of 99,802 were subjected to poison intentionally. That is a tough pill to swallow.

What happens when all the buzz surrounding the water issues are no longer relevant, when journalist, reports, and news stations stop reporting on the progress? In short, nothing. Instead we are covering, who the Kardashians husbands are sleeping with, or who our President had an affair with prior to being elected. Or as Fox news reported Panda’s being sex crazed. There should not be a wonder why Flint’s residents feel left alone and now without free bottles of water.


Michigan’s governor Rick Synder announced on Friday April 6, 2018 the state will no longer give out free water due to the strides that have led the water to know be at acceptable lead levels. This year it has tested at 4 PPB. Because of the mistrust between residents to the government, the residents are not happy with the decision to stop the water supply. One resident has said in an interview with the Associated Press, “My water stinks. It still burns to take a shower,” she told The Associated Press. “There’s no way they can say it’s safe.” As a result of this type of feedback local churches are also bracing themselves for a large amount of people who will be coming to request water.


“Mayor Karen Weaver wrote in a letter to state officials on Thursday. ‘Free bottled water should be provided to the people of Flint until the last known lead-tainted pipe has been replaced.’ While this may seem like an easy enough request. Governor Synder has like the original culprits mentioned the saving of money to discontinue these services citing $350 million given by the state via tax payers money and $100 million from the federal government was enough. Furthermore he said, “We will now focus even more of our efforts on continuing with the health, education and economic development assistance needed to help move Flint forward.”


The state will however, continue to provide items such as water testing kits, lead filters and cartridges until the pipes are completely changed by 2020.


What can you do to help? Keep talking about Flint’s water crisis, demand coverage and change. Additionally, continue to reach out to congress and most importantly the governor of Michigan. Email: governorsoffice@michigan.gov Mail: Governor Rick Snyder P.O. Box 30013 Lansing, Michigan 48909 Phone: 517-373-3400 517-335-7858 (Constituent Services). The citizens of Flint are not giving up, today many are marching towards the capital to protest the end of the bottle water program until trust is gained and also until the old rusted lead pipes are replaced.

This story is ongoing as the new events of ending the water program will have new information as the situation develops.