Verifying CBS data claims

Part of the process of researching on my data story involved diving into news outlets claims about data and finding the source of the information.

One example included a news story done by PBS which claimed that ACT and SAT scores did not matter. So looking into the article I found the source of the data that backed up the claim.

At first finding the data was difficult as the page which the article linked to did not appear to exist, however I continued to search for the source of the information based on context provided from the article like the creator of the data and key words. Eventually I found the study that was cited.

The study confirmed the information as well as provided a valuable primary source of data that I could use in my story.


Author Daniel Pink states “timing is key” on CBS this morning

CBS This morning is one of the most popular T.V programs with reporting on international news stories and interviews figures in politics, business and entertainment.

One podcast that caught my attention while browsing through the news category was Timing is key says author Daniel Pink. This is a great podcast where Daniel talks about his book “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing”.

Something that makes me very interested in listening to this podcast is the fact that the author was sitting and explaining what his book was about and also the meaning behind the book. It really makes you connect to the author when listening to the interview.

Daniel explained that his book gives people tips on how to be productive throughout your day especially for the busy people that have school and work all day. He also empathizes how “Time is key”.

This makes up for a great podcast because I feel like its always important for an author to get on the news and do an interview about the book they have written. In this interview, the author really went into detail and it really helps the people connect and understand the author’s point of view while reading the story.