Human trafficking can affect everyone. The impotence of understanding human traffickaing is to make sure one is aware of themselves and others.

This was stressed in the Human Trafficking takes million of lives everyday Tips on Protect yourself paper that was done for assiment.

But what was not focus heavily one is how Polaris is an organization that mission is to provide human trafficking victims and survivors with access to critical support and services to get help and stay safe,

Which to equip the anti-trafficking community with the tools to effectively combat all forms of human trafficking.

And how they documented survivors and reported cases each day which is helping lives. Visit  Polaris statistics today.

20180425_153145 data 2 polris college.png

and how everyone can make a difference by donating and reporting the case if they see one.

There is a hotline for one to call if they see or in the situation number is 1 (888) 373-7888 text number is 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”) this is 24 hours, 7 days a week and can be translated into English, Spanish and 200 more languages.

This college was due to pics art which is a mobile application.


What is a good lead?

A good lead needs to answer these questions.Who does the story involve? What is the story about? When did the event occur? Where did the event occur? Why did they write a news story about this event? How did it come to be?

The news story I choose appeared on the headline: Garden City High School on lockdown after bullet found in school


My news lead answers the who, what, where in the news lead. It drew me in just due to the topic of the lead. The article contains when it occurred and why. It also has how it ended and how it came to be an issue. When an article was googled many pictures and other leads/articles were posted too. I would say this news story was well written and had a good lead because it answered many of the w’s of journalism.

Verifying CBS data claims

Part of the process of researching on my data story involved diving into news outlets claims about data and finding the source of the information.

One example included a news story done by PBS which claimed that ACT and SAT scores did not matter. So looking into the article I found the source of the data that backed up the claim.

At first finding the data was difficult as the page which the article linked to did not appear to exist, however I continued to search for the source of the information based on context provided from the article like the creator of the data and key words. Eventually I found the study that was cited.

The study confirmed the information as well as provided a valuable primary source of data that I could use in my story.


My introduction to Google Fusion Tables

This week, I took on a new challenge and the outcome was a Google Fusion Table. Google Fusion Tables is a useful tool that gathers data into an organized visual. In my opinion, this is the way I prefer to see data. Data can usually be confusing and hard to read or understand, but when it’s in some kind of chart or picture it instantly becomes easier on the eyes.

I chose to mimic a Fusion Table we practiced in class based on the 2016 Michigan voter turnout organized by county off the Michigan Secretary of State website.

With the data available on the website, I was able to download it onto my computer and then upload it up on Google Fusion Tables.

This is the data downloaded off the Secretary of State website.

After letting Google Fusion Tables do it’s magic, I got a literal map of my data. Voter turnout was shown geographically by each county in Michigan.

Google Fusion Table map of voter turnout by county in Michigan.

Google Fusion Tables is a tool I am happy to have explored. It will help my readers and I in understanding data and furthermore, allow us to not be intimidated by any complicated spreadsheets that hide beneficial information!

Tuition data for 16 Michigan universities

The school tuition data provided information regarding the cost of attending public universities in Michigan. The data was organized in an excel sheet, and it showed the cost of tuition and fee, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, MISC expenses, and the district total of sixteen universities of Michigan. 

This data presented general information, and it wasn’t specific regarding if the cost was applied for full time or part time students. Also, the provided data is from 2011-2012, and when I looked at this data, I was interested to know how different is the data for the year of 2016-1017 compared to this data.

The data showed attending costs of sixteen universities in Michigan. Even though the average cost of most of the sixteen universities is between $20,000 and $22,000. However, there is a big difference in cost between the university with the highest cost and the university with the lowest cost.

The university of Michigan Dearborn has the lowest total district cost of $15,419.36, where the Kendall college of art and design of Ferris state university has the highest district cost of $26,858. I was surprised to find out that the university of Michigan has the lowest district total cost and that led me to have a series of questions. First, is the difference in total cost related to the education quality? Second, what data should I look for to determine education quality in both the universities with the highest and lowest total cost rate? I decided to look at graduation rates and student employment numbers after graduation for both universities.