SnapChat supports news organizations

Social media has become a very large part of people’s lives. Newspaper sales are decreasing every year, But news agencies that utilize social media has given them a bigger platform. SnapChat  has become one of apps increasingly used.

One of the most used news organizations on SnapChat is DailyMail. It’s a British tabloid newspaper published in London. It’s the United Kingdom’s second- biggest selling daily newspaper.

Daily Mail has a section on the SnapChat where they have plenty of news resources. Daily Mail upload mail that happens daily from celebrities, murders, viral videos and random stories. Every day is a new news story.

One Daily Mail news that has happened today (Monday, January 29) was a story about Jay-Z and Beyonce “WE FOUGHT FOR OUR LOVE”.  Daily Mail put up the interview Jay-Z had with CNN talking about how hard he tried to save his marriage. He spoke out about cheating on his wife and going through some big challenges with her.