Stranger hitting on women slashes her face after she rejects his advantages in Midtown- New York Daily News

“Stranger hitting on women slashes her face after she rejects his advantages in Midtown” This is an article headline I came across on the New York Daily News website. This headline drew me in because it basically stated exactly what the news is and what the article is going to be about.

The lede in this article was “A peeved pick-up artist slashed a 28-year-old woman in the face when she spurned his advances in Midtown early Saturday — as the victim’s boyfriend watched in horror, cops said.” This is a great lede because it states most of the 5 W’s.

The first sentence of an article and the headline kept me interested and made me want to read the rest of the article. This lede lets me know who is involved, what it is about, when and where it was and why it happened.

When you google the headline of this article it provides you with links to New York Daily News website. As you can see there are many things that come up on google when searching about this headline.



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SnapChat supports news organizations

Social media has become a very large part of people’s lives. Newspaper sales are decreasing every year, But news agencies that utilize social media has given them a bigger platform. SnapChat  has become one of apps increasingly used.

One of the most used news organizations on SnapChat is DailyMail. It’s a British tabloid newspaper published in London. It’s the United Kingdom’s second- biggest selling daily newspaper.

Daily Mail has a section on the SnapChat where they have plenty of news resources. Daily Mail upload mail that happens daily from celebrities, murders, viral videos and random stories. Every day is a new news story.

One Daily Mail news that has happened today (Monday, January 29) was a story about Jay-Z and Beyonce “WE FOUGHT FOR OUR LOVE”.  Daily Mail put up the interview Jay-Z had with CNN talking about how hard he tried to save his marriage. He spoke out about cheating on his wife and going through some big challenges with her.