Curate links My life in social media

Hello, I am Jannah. I use the tweeter application to report the latest information on the news I have read.

information like this to update fans and congratulate k-pop singers for their talent.

I follow BTS and a few classmates to get upcoming news information and do class assignments from time to time.

I also use tweet deck feeds to keep up with the news and update my twitter newspaper.



My aggregation accounts

Social media helped me gather different types of information from a variety of places like when I scroll down my Twitter feed. As I read from post to post, I can be going from news on what’s topping the box office and then the next post can be something about President Trump.

Social media like Twitter is useful to filter all your interests into one place or in this case, feed.

Currently, I’m trying to organize my Tweet Deck to suit my taste. Right now I have different sections that include feeds anywhere from food to the recent shooting at YouTube headquarters.

My current Tweet Deck layout.

Tweet Deck helps me find different news outlets that I wouldn’t have otherwise come across such as TIME’s page. After visiting their profile, I am able to find even more relevant articles that spark my interest.

TIME has 15.5 million followers that stay updated on their news posts. If easily accessible social media like Twitter doesn’t keep people updated, I don’t know what will.