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Educational languages games started learning today!

Screenshot_20180418-123224 memrise

As we all know games are just simulated data for enjoyment and learning. yes, what you learn can be done mostly in the real world as we know today.

Some games are better then others, but most games if not all games you can take some part and apply it to your life. Let apply some educational language games.

memrise is an educational language learning game application its also can be used on pc and others ios devices You can choose from these courses of languages.

Screenshot_20180418-120455 mirise langahes i am learning

The application has a pro mode where someone who is leaning can meet locals and hear their pronunciation and follow them. one can also guess what they are saying by writing the word in.

Screenshot_20180418-120636 memrise profile

You can rise a pet egg and evolved it into an alien creature base on the knowledge you learn my in the photo below pet name is Ziggy.

Screenshot_20180418-120607 mimrise egg  Screenshot_20180418-120547 memrise manster

They will let someone write it in English or the native language letters to make sure you understand the spelling. If someone doesn’t know the words they can make keynote to help you remember.

This is what will be given for free:


  • Over 200 language combinations
  • Learn and review

All of this seems very expensive so here are some affordable prices plan they offer for someone to learn the language up to a year. This is what is giving to one who wishes to learn and pay:

Screenshot_20180418-130155 pro mode


  • Over 200 language combinations
  • Learn and review
  • Grammarbot
  • Pro chats
  • Difficult Words Mode
  • Speed Review
  • Listening Skills Mode
  • Video Mode
  • Learning Stats

Aggregation/curation of your story sources

Human Trafficking takes million of lives everyday Tips on Protect yourself


It is important to understand the meaning of human trafficking so my source of the definition used on the first line of my paper.

As I continue to talk about how many people can be easy picking for human trafficking. I at least give you air traffic information on who tract the data in the air. How many numbers did they track in 2016?

Federal Aviation Administration Tract so many flights and keep data on them and tries to improve the flights for the passengers and cargo make it easier on weather reports from ground control to the pilots

The number of flights handled in 2016 15,631,000 flights number of passengers in 2016 62,345728  this was controlled by the FAA.

The frequently confuse data was the misconception that people may have about human trafficking, so I share the information thanks to U.S. Department of Homeland security.

For a bonus, I thought it will be good to know how to protect oneself and others. If you think human trafficking is going on near you.

Or you and some else is in danger so hear is a hotline to call is 1 (888) 373-7888 text number is 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”) this is 24 hours, 7 days a week and can be translated into English, Spanish and 200 more languages.



Sources used in my data story

Child obesity is the topic I chose to do my data story about. I picked it due to the big effects it can have on a child’s life in the long run. In my curated data story I used a lot of interesting sources that were full of information that really educates people on the importance of child obesity.

One of the sources I chose to use was an interview with Dr. Chunn and he discussed his concerns with child obesity. He talks about in his interview how there is a difference between putting a child on a diet than an adult. And explains how helping a child stick to eating as much as the child can handle. I felt like using a source straight from a doctor will really inform people the serious health consequences their child might have.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.05.14 PM.png

Another great source I used was statistics on how many children are obese in the United States and it is proven that three in 10 kids in the U.S are obese or overweight. That is a lot of overweight children. This is a great source to inform people that it could happen to any child if they are not put on the right diet or exercise enough.

The last important source that I used and felt that had beneficial information was The department of health.  I used this source because I believe that people don’t look at future consequences when it comes to their health. The department of health talks about how obese can limit the length of your life if you do not take care of your body at a young age. Also says how its the parent’s responsibility to put their child on track for a healthy lifestyle.

Is having good research skills important?

The journalist research article talks about the approach graduate students get when seeking information in a workplace. Personally, when I want quick answers I pull my phone out and use google. In a generation where technology has become go big people can get answers on the tip of their fingers.

Finding information the traditional way of making phone calls, going through reports, and databases aren’t the first thing young new employees do. When graduating college and wanting to work at a professional job, getting hired is not that easy. Jobs want people who have great research skills.

Personally I relate to this because I’m not that good at researching but as I’m going through colleges I feel like it’s more important to have research skills and not just taking the easy way out because when wanting to find a job after college, it could be difficult if not having right qualities to work.

The article states that college hires always had the quickest answers if they do not know the answer they will ask a co-worker, and not many young employees know how to read reports. Studies show that non-digitized information sources will be disappearing by year as new college students become hired.


The Journalist’s Resource writes an article on how graduates approach gathering information.