Louis Vuitton’s new designer for mens wear

“Louis Vuitton Names Virgil Abloh as Its New Men’s Wear Designer” is an aggregated article I found on The New York Times website. I read about how the famous brand Louis Vuitton is changing the head designer on the brand’s menswear.

While trying to introduce the famous designer Virgil Abloh, by saying he is Louis Vuitton’s first African American artistic director, the designer aggregated sources to link under his name to a page that has many questions and answers about who he is. He was one of the few black designers at the top of a French heritage house.

The aggregated source really helps people know this new designer is and why he is the new face of this very famous brand. Another aggregated source the brand used was when comparing him to other designers of famous brands, like Oliver Rousteing which is the famous director of the brand Givenchy and Balmain. The article linked a page of questions and answers about him also.

The article goes on to support all the people throughout the article to links and sources for people reading the article know exactly what they are talking about. If the readers have any questions about the people they are talking about they know where to find all the information. Overall the article has done a very good job of aggregating their article.


Being a student of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was a very smart and intelligent man. He was the first that set out a theory of cosmology. One of Stephen’s students wrote an article about what it was like being a student of Stephen Hawking.

The student claims that Stephen had a big influence on him before he even met him. According to a website that states people who were influenced by Stephen Hawking, A young second-grade boy named Charlie stated that Stephen influenced him to write his own website.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 8.36.32 PM.png

A student who was Stephen’s student names Marika Taylor explained that Stephen was so famous at his school that people would sit outside of his apartment building just to watch him go in and out of his house. He explained how he got the chance to meet with Stephen and as a graduate student, he was sent by Stephen to summarize some of his theory practices. He was very nervous about being one of his students but knew it was a great opportunity. He was amazed at the experiences Stephen was telling his students.

According to another one of Stephen’s students named  Dennis Overby published articles and spoke about his experiences with the professor. As many students believe he was an amazing guy. The article stated “I first met Stephen Hawking when we were students. His parties were legendary and he always insisted he wasn’t another Einstein”. Students of Stephens Hawking are really inspired by how smart and intelligent he was. After all, he is the most famous scientist in the world.

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Ron French calls out Betsy DeVos

Ron French’s curated story about Betsy DeVos    “60-minute interview” about how DeVos had issues with how fair public schools in Michigan are when it comes to funding and having safer schools. DeVos is known as the secretary of education, but in the video, she didn’t seem to know how Michigan schools are academically performing.

Ron French supported every detail he gave in the interview by linking to other articles in order to understand every point he made. When pointing out how schools in Michigan are doing he sourced his facts from an article called “Michigan’s K-12 performance dropping at alarming rate.” His aggregated source backed up every point he made.

French also aggregated a source when he was speaking about Brian Jacobs, and about the study that he made about Michigan not having high test scores. French stated all of his information about the subject and talked about the facts that Brian had in his study. French then linked Jacobs’ information page for people who have questions about him could know exactly what French is talking about.


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Is having good research skills important?

The journalist research article talks about the approach graduate students get when seeking information in a workplace. Personally, when I want quick answers I pull my phone out and use google. In a generation where technology has become go big people can get answers on the tip of their fingers.

Finding information the traditional way of making phone calls, going through reports, and databases aren’t the first thing young new employees do. When graduating college and wanting to work at a professional job, getting hired is not that easy. Jobs want people who have great research skills.

Personally I relate to this because I’m not that good at researching but as I’m going through colleges I feel like it’s more important to have research skills and not just taking the easy way out because when wanting to find a job after college, it could be difficult if not having right qualities to work.

The article states that college hires always had the quickest answers if they do not know the answer they will ask a co-worker, and not many young employees know how to read reports. Studies show that non-digitized information sources will be disappearing by year as new college students become hired.


The Journalist’s Resource writes an article on how graduates approach gathering information.

Avoid being biased in your writing

Ethics is very important when it comes to journalists.  The SPJ website has a video on how journalists minimize bias. The video talks about how not all journalists are the same, and how journalists are diverse people.

The common topic that was used was ethics and how journalists are neutral and everyone has their own opinion. The video really helps journalist learn more about the importance of fact checking and how to be creative in your writing without being biased.

When it comes to my reporting I feel like I should put other peoples feelings and opinions in perspective. I know that I have to have an open mind when writing and not believe that I am always right.

It’s very important to avoid being biased in your writing because everything you write is in the public eye. It’s always important to focus on the real facts and also feelings. It’s always important to use some sort of feeling into your writing but it should let it affect the facts that you are trying to put out.